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What does my child need?

All pupils will be given an exercise book to work on in lessons.

All pupils will be given a homework exercise and workbook to work in at home; to hand in on day specified by their maths teacher. The KS4 workbooks can be accessed online by pupils if they login to the school website and access the ‘Maths’ option on the right hand panel.

All pupils will be expected to take care of these items and treat them with pride and respect.

Replacement costs:

Classwork book 50p

Homework book 30p

KS3 Workbook £3.00

KS4 Workbook £5.00

All pupils will be required to have a calculator for all lessons. For KS4 all pupils must have a scientific calculator, and this is preferred for KS3 also. The recommended and preferred calculator is the CASIO fx-83ES. (These can be purchased from Maths teachers for £6.50.)

In addition to these items all pupils should be equipped with a pen, pencil and ruler for all lessons. All other specialist maths equipment will be provided by teachers, however pupils can still bring their own.

Standard maths sets contain protractor and compass in addition to the above.

We also expect all pupils to have their journal in all lessons, to record homework, to access resources at the back of the journal and the Red/Amber/Green pages which are used in a variety of ways in lessons, eg to self assess learning, to monitor progress through tasks.

How can I help my child?

Click below for the powepoint shown at Year 7 Settling in evening….Lots of tips, advice and links to recommended websites.



The Mathematics department consists of 5 full time staff, 2 part time staff, 1 HLTAs and attached Learning support staff.

Miss Kerri Basso : Head of Department

Mrs Anna Hornakova (HLTA)

Mrs Victoria Hughes (Maths teacher)

Mr John Kinsella (Assistant Head teacher)

Mrs Jennifer Kurzyk (Maths teacher)

Any member of the maths department can be contacted by phoning the school reception or email

If you put the name of the teacher in the subject line the office staff will forward to the relevant member of staff.


The department consists of 6 teaching classrooms on one floor.

All classrooms are fully equipped with a interactive whiteboard.

In addition to the main classrooms are two smaller rooms used for small group withdrawl work and one to one support.

Additional resources:

12 iPads

Brand new text books for all KS3 and KS4 classes (2014/5)

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Albert Einstein sums up maths education.