Maths – Key Stage 3

The three-year course follows the National Curriculum and covers a range of mathematical skills including
• ‘Using and Applying mathematics’

and the four main areas of the curriculum,
•Shape & Space
•Data Handling

Students will also learn and use many aspects of the Business & Enterprise capabilities, including problem solving, risk taking and financial literacy.

Although there is no longer a statutory government requirement to assess progress using SATs, this Maths department believe that they are a good measure of progress. As such we continue to assess all years of Key stage 3 using SATs combined with Teacher Assessments. Pupils are assessed at the end of every year at a level appropriate to their ability; there are currently four levels of entry:
•Level 4-6
•Level 5-7
•Level 6-8
•Exceptional performance

We aim to use a variety of teaching styles to ensure students both understand and enjoy mathematics.

ICT is a crucial part of mathematics and wherever appropriate we use technology to further students understanding.

Homework is set on a weekly basis.

All students are expected to come to lessons fully equipped and be ready to learn in order to participate fully in lessons.

Full equipment includes:

Scientific calculator: recommended model Casio EL-530G (available from your maths teacher for £6)


There is a breakdown of what a pupil can expect to be able to do to achieve a given National Curriculum Level, for the four Attainment Targets in Mathematics which can be found by following this link.

Year 7

It is a pleasure to welcome all Year 7’s to the Maths department. Every year the standard seems to get higher and higher… so you are keeping us on our toes!

We aim to continue to build on the very successful strategies used at primary schools and as such our maths lessons try to include as many interactive, hands on, group work and independent thinking skills as possible.

Every year 7 pupil has 4 maths lessons and one piece of homework set per week (see homework section for more details.

Year 8

Year 8 pupils continue to build on all the skills developed in Year 7

Every year 8 pupil has 5 maths lessons and one piece of homework set per week (see homework section for more details).

Revision Materials

Revision is a key part to any subject, but especially in Maths, the emphasis is on practice, practice, practice!

Two of the current Maths teaching staff are very experienced exam markers for two different GCSE exam boards. As such we share a wealth of insight in to the skills required to maximise the potential of all our pupils, and are at the forefront of changes in the Maths curriculum.

There is no longer a statutory government requirement to assess progress using SATs.

We also recommend the use of MyMaths and BBC Bitesize webistes – both of which contain a rich supply of revision materials. Click on the icons below to have a look!

If you require any more past papers, please do not hesitate to contact the maths department:


We set homework once per week and should take approximately 30 mins.

Every pupil is given their own homework book at the start of the year.

Homework will be set by the teacher as per the ability of the class. The class teacher will direct pupils as to which questions are to be completed – so that each pupils works towards their individual target. (This may mean that within the same class pupils are set homework at a different level to their peers).

Pupils should complete the homework in the book and show any working out that they do.

In addition, homework can be
•extra consolidation and practice of topics worked on in lessons
•preparation and revision for topic tests / exams
•my maths task (click on the link to mymaths website below)
•research or ‘rich task’ to encourage independant mathematical thinking – an increasing part of the current GCSE specification…. better to start preparing early!

All homework is expected to be completed to the same high standard of classwork.

If you are struggling with your homework, then it is best to talk to your teacher … sooner rather than later…. we are here to help!


Please click on the appropriate scheme of work for full list of all work covered:


Year 7

Set 1 Core and Enrichment

Set 2 Supplementary, Core and aspects of Enrichment

Set 3 Supplementary and Core

Year 8

Set 1/2 Core and Enrichment

Set 3 Supplementary, Core and aspects of Enrichment

Set 4 Supplementary and Core

Assessment dates

Assessments are carried out every term in line with the school’s data recording process.

Attendance is crucial for all pupils all the time in order for them to be covering all the curriculum to prepare for any assessments.

All classes, in years 7 & 8 will complete assessments in maths lesson time during the day stated:


Term 2 Test – Main (Y7/8)


All sets will sit their ‘Main’ maths test during lesson time on the 13th of March.


Term 2 Test – Extension (Y7/8)


Sets 7A1, 7B1, 8A1, 8A2 and 8B2 will all sit an additional ‘Extension’ paper during lesson time on the 14th of March.


For Year 7 both Test 2 assessments will be a non-calculator papers


For Year 8 both Test 2 assessment are calculator papers. Students MUST bring a scientific calculator that they are familiar with to the test.