The curriculum or programmes of study at St Joseph’s reflect a modern innovative school. We aim to give all children a broad experience of subjects with balance between arts, sciences, technologies, physical and creative opportunities. Our principle aim is to offer children the context where they can realise their own giftedness. Whether it be in academic terms of vocational terms our job is to bring to fulfilment a child’s potential.

Business & Enterprise related subjects
Enterprise Capability

In and through all our subjects is the aim to develop Enterprise Capability in young people. This means that through English, Maths, Science, Technology, Art and other areas we nurture those skills and competencies which mark out the successful business person.

These skills include:

Good communication
Problems solving
The ability to be a flexible learner
Self reliance, motivation, confidence and self esteem
Developing hunger for challenges, ambition for success
Being able to handle uncertainty and change
Being creative and being able to have new ideas
The ability to be able to make risk/reward decisions

Business Understanding

In and through all our subjects we will be encouraging pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of:
The nature and role of business and its organisations
The economic environment in which it operates
The contribution it makes to the creation of wealth and the satisfaction of human need

Project Based Learning for Pupils

In and through all our subjects we will be encouraging pupils to take part in a real-life business opportunity.

This may include:
Project managers for a local business
Web site designers
Organising charity events
Marketing managers for local companies.

In this we hope to cultivate in pupils a real understanding of how business works and how they can effectively use their talents to promote success.