The Way – The Spiritual Life of our School


This year we have started a journey of new themes and activities called ‘The Way’ to help lead us into a deeper spiritual life with God.

This term we have the theme: Existence.

Week by week we will be exploring topics such as: Epic Universe – God creation; Respond – Faith; The Father – God the Father; Hidden – Creation of the Spiritual World; What We See – Creation of the Earth; The Final Creation – Creation of Humanity; The Big Lie – The Fall of Man; Bad News – Suffering & Evil

About the theme Existence

Who is God? How did our world come to be? Why do we exist? Why is there evil in the world? What is the point of any of this?

Everything began from nothing. Everything was created by God who has always been and will always be. Our world is vast, intricate, and created by a loving God with a special purpose and plan. Each and every one of us was created with a special purpose and plan. God, who is three in one, is our divine designer, the unmoved mover, and, at the same time, our loving Father who desires nothing more than knowing us and being known by us.

Existence dives deep into the very beginning of everything. Starting with wonder and awe of the universe, the students will be plunged into the depths of the love of God and the great truth that we were created out of the love of God and to love God. This term, The Way will walk the students through learning about who God is, the world He has created, and the creation of humanity. They will also tackle the tough reality of the fall of man and original sin as well as the ever timely question of why evil exists.